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Royal Marines Long Service pair to Horace Colston Reginald Anderson, Pte. Royal Marines. From Bedminster, Bristol.


Group of 2,

British War Medal, 1914-1918

Named to: PO. 20503 Pte. H.C.R. Anderson, R.M.L.I.

Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GeoV, ‘Coinage Head’.

Named to: Ply. 21312 H.C.R. Anderson, Mne. R.M.

Horace Colston Reginald Anderson was born in Bedminster, Bristol 26 June 1900. He enlisted as a Pte. Royal Marine Light Infantry on 11 February 1918
He went on to serve continuously until the Termination of his second period of Engagement on 25 June 1939. He was recalled to serve during WW2 and served throughout until Released ‘Class A’ on 25 September 1945.

He received his Naval Long Service Medal on 5 September 1933.
He died in Bristol 6 January 1956.

Horace Colston Reginald Anderson was also entitled to a Victory Medal & as yet unknown WW2 medals. Sold with copy of Service Documents, Birth, Probate entries & L.S. Medal Roll.

Condition: V.F.

Code: 14232Price: 80.00 GBP

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Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GeoV, L/Stoker William George Brooks, H.M.S. Victory.



Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GeoV, ‘fixedl’ suspender

Named to: K.5592 W. G. Brooks, L/Stoker, H.M.S. ‘Victory’.

William George Brooks was born on 7 December 1891 in Suffolk and was working as a “Gardener” when he enlisted as a Stoker 2 on the 21 February 1910. He served for a total of 33 years and his Long Service Medal was issued on 20 March 1925.

Sold with copied “Service” papers.

Condition: V.F.

Code: 14213Price: 60.00 GBP

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Efficiency Medal GVI “Territorial”, Lt. J. L. Dunn, R.A.S.C.



Efficiency Medal, 1930, Geo. VI, bar, ‘Territorial’

Named to: Lieutenant J. L. Dunn, Royal Army Service Corps.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 14149Price: 90.00 GBP

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Fire Brigades Association, 10 years Bronze Medal, H. Jervis 1881.



Fire Brigades Association Bronze Medal

Named & engraved on reverse: ‘1881, For Ten Years Service, H. Jervis’.

On its top wearing buckle ribbon brooch. NB: Back pin is missing.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 13858Price: 80.00 GBP

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Past Presidents Medal, Lancaster Fire Brigade Association.To:_Chief Officer J Pemberton, Pilkington’s Fire Brigade, St. Helens.



Past Presidents Medal of the Lancaster Fire Brigades Friendly Society.
The reverse is engraved: ‘Chief Officer J. Pemberton, 1961 – 63’.
A fine Silver Gilt & enamelled example - Hall marked Birmingham 1958.

Chief Fire Officer, Pilkington Brothers Ltd.
Born 1903, Preston.
Joined Callenders Cable Co. Ltd. Works Fire Brigade 1925 as Fireman.
Third Oflicer 1935, Callenders Cable Co. Ltd.
Chief Officer 1938, Callenders Cable Co. Ltd.
Chief Officer 1945, Pilkington Brothers Ltd.
Doncaster; Chief Officer 1948, Pilkington Brothers Ltd., St. Helens.
Member, Institution of Fire Engineers.
Member, Governing Council, British Fire Services Association Chairman, St. Helens Centre, and member County Committee, St. John Ambulance Association. Member technical panel and committee, Merseyside branch, Industrial Fire Protection Association of Great Britain. Hon. Secretary, North Western District, British Fire Services Association.
Holds British Fire Services Association Long Service Medal Hon. Member's Medallion
Netherlands Fire Service Confederation
Holds the Medal and Diploma of des Member de Honneur de Sapeur Pompier de France et de l'Union Francaise.

Married, one daughter. Recreations: photography, woodwork. Address: The Fire Station, Canal-street, St. Helens.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 13834Price: 160.00 GBP

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Royal Navy Long Service, Geo.V, O.C.1 G. Rapinet, H.M.S. “Delhi”.



Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GeoV, “Coinage Head”
Named to: 2518 Officer’s Cook 1. G. Rapinet, H.M.S. “Delhi”.

Copied page with the medal shows the Long Service Medal was awarded on 16 March 1934.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 13808Price: 160.00 GBP

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R.N. Long Service Medal Geo. V, V. Barbara, Off. Std & Off. Cook. A Maltese Recipient.



Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal GV

Named to: L.10699 V. Barbara, Officer’s Cook 2, H.M.S. ‘Boadicea’.

Vincenzo Barbara was born in Valletta, Malta on 29 April1898, his occupation is given as “Bandmaster” when he enlisted on 3 August 1917.

His records show that he served for 174 days in the Army prior to enlisting in the Royal Navy, & this was allowed to count towards his pension.

In the R.N. he served as an Officer’s Steward & Officer’s Cook and was still serving after 1929.

Sold with copies of his Navy Service Record.

Condition: V.F. edge knocks, these do not obscure naming.

Code: 13764Price: 150.00 GBP

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Army L. S. Medal Geo V, Gnr. Russell Louis Roberts, R.A.



Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GeoV, “fixed suspender”.

Named to: 1405957 Gunner R. L. Roberts, Royal Artillery.

Russell Louis Roberts was born in London in 1895 and Attested for service with the Royal Artillery in 1910. His number on enlistment was 34016 & his rank is shown as Musician, very likely as he was only 15years old. He served throughout WW1 as a Gunner with the Royal Garrison Artillery & his Medal Index Card shows entitlement to the British War Medal only.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 13757Price: 55.00 GBP

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Special Constabulary Long Service Medal, Named to: Alfred J. Riggs.



Special Constabulary Long Service Medal, George V

Named to: Alfred J. Riggs.

Understood to have come from the Poole district of Dorset.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 13732Price: 15.00 GBP

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R.N. L.S. Medal, Victoria, A.B. Carmelo Grech, H.M.S. “Hibernia”, Maltese recipient.



Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Victoria

Named to: A.B. Carmelo Grech, H.M.S. “Hibernia”..

Sold with a copy of the recipient’s “Service Papers”, these show he was born on Malta in February 1862 and enlisted on 23 September 1882, serving until 30 September 1908.

Condition Good V.F.

Code: 13556Price: 295.00 GBP

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