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N.G.S. “Minesweeping 1945-51”, S/Lt. M. F. W. Dulcken, R.N.V.R.



Naval General Service Medal, GeoVI, 1 clasp, “Minesweeping 1945-51”

Named to: Sub Lieutenant M. F. W. Dulcken, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Handwritten Note shows:-

Midshipman 22 September 1944.
Act. Sub./Lieut. 17 January 1945.

Navy List Jult 1946 shows recipient serving in H.M.S. “Celebrity” a Minesweeper Depot Ship.

Served until 1953.

May be entitled to a minimum of a 1939-45 War Medal.

Condition: Near E.F.

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1914-15 Star, Gunner W. G. S. Sledge, Royal Navy, 1st Day of Gallipoli Landings, Casualty.



1914-15 Star

Named to: Gunner W. G. S. Sledge, Royal Navy.

‘Died of Wounds’ received on the 1st day of Gallipoli landings


Battleships HMS Queen, (The Flagship of Rear Adm‘r Thursby / conveying A & B. Co’s. 9th AIF), HMS London, & HMS Prince of Wales , front line of warships in the cove, had a “delegated duty of actually landing troops” known as the “ covering force”. About 4.15 hrs, in darkness,10 to 12 lines of tows , (lifeboats etc), Crewed by RN, each headed by a Steam Pinnace or Picket boat, filled with troops stationed close to the 3 great ships, were given the order to proceed. The tows from HMS Queen, ( Part of the 1st wave) each filled with men of the 9TH Bn AIF, moved past the stationary warship.: ** Above them the sailors on the Queen’s decks gave the services “silent cheer ” by waving caps in a circle, “uttering a subdued whisper, barely audible to those on the boats”. As the boats disappeared into the blackness time seemed to stand still. As for the Turks , they new something was afoot but all they could do was scan the dark and wait. About 4.53 hrs (On Queen 4.25 am ?) those on the battleships heard a *** “sharp burst of fire” coming from the beach. Several minutes later a *** “ British cheer wafted ” over the waters. The Australians had gained the shore. Numerous reports state that the men from the 9th AIF-- (Ex QUEEN) were the first to set foot on the beach.

HMS QUEEN – Period 25-29/4/15
SHIPS report - casualties list “ D ” (Capt to Rear Admiral)
“OFFICERS MEN AND BOYS -- KILLED OR WOUNDED” - list dated 29.4.15.
The casualty date relating to each man is recorded. Dates referred to 25th and 27th .. 2nd in list, (actual wording in quotes ) ---- “William Sledge. Gunner. RN. Severely wounded. 25th Apl. Remarks, disposal, etc - On board HMS Queen ”. In this list 2 are shown killed, AB. A Taylor and L/Stoker Gates, ( other – both in Picket boats 25th and 27th) 5 others wounded are listed – 3 disposed to Queen, one went to “London” and another to a “Transport” (sick bays no doubt). Lt Making RNR, 1st in the list, slightly wounded 25th. It seems the wound was so slight that he was not included in the Telegram list following.

From Queen (at) (MURDROS - The island), dated 29/04/15 . At top of the list: – “Casualties 25th April Officer, Gunner William Cledge (An error) severely wounded, doing well”. 3 others listed wounded 25th. For 27th -- One killed & one wounded.
Sledge wounded 26th. Where he was located when he received his wound is at present unknown. A known record states that he was on board the hospital ship ‘SOMALIA’, en route for Malta when he died . He was buried in the Naval cemetery Malta ,grave 33. He was 38 years old. His ornate grave stone records ------ Died on May 2nd (?) 1915 of wounds received during the landing at ANZAC. War graves record date 3/5/15. His given address was:- 11, Meon Rd, Milton, Portsmouth, Hants. Married, 3 Children. (Small obit on file.) The details of Taylor & Gates, both KIA, are recorded on Sledge’s grave stone.

The Star plus his BWM & VM trio, confirmed on the ADM officers roll. No duplication and sent to Widow. He also held a medal for South Africa and the Messina Earthquake. With modern photo of grave and copied research, including service record, and log entries, etc..

Condition: E.F.

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1914 Star Trio, Pte. William Latham, 1 Chesh. Regt., P.O.W. at Elouges and ‘Died in Captivity’ on 9 November 1914. The Victory Medal is erased.


Group of 3:

1914 Star
British War Medal
Victory Medal

First 2 only named to: 7424 Pte. W. Latham, 1 Ches. R.

The recipients Medal Index Card show entry into France on 10 August 1914.

William Latham was born in Davenham, Cheshire and enlisted at Winsford. He was taken ‘Prisoner of War’ during the Battle of “Eloges” whilst serving as a Private in the 1st Btn., Cheshire Regiment and died in captivity on the 9 November 1918 and is buried in the Niederzwehren Cemetery, Kassel, Germany.

Elouges 24/08/14

"Almost surrounded by 9 Battalions of the enemy..."

"Now began an extraordinary battle in which an entire German Division (1V Corps) was launched against two British Infantry Btns, part of two Cavalry bdes and 4 btys of Artillery. Described in the OFFICIAL HISTORY as--- the flank guard action--- a masterpiece of understatement.!" It was a full scale battle with the British vastly outnumbered.
The Cheshire's were positioned on a low ridge near Elouges To their right were the Norfolks. They did not dig in. A little after mid day the Germans advanced in solid columns , some 7000 in number, through cornfields. A mile or so behind this large number were 15 more battalions of infantry!! . B CO'Y on the far left of the line were close to the 9th Lancers who charged, suffered great losses and fell back. L Battery did good execution , cutting the enemy down in large numbers. The Germans continued the attack but made little progress.
About 4pm some British units, under orders, began to retire. At first the Infantry were UNAWARE of the general retirement. An hour or so later the Norfolk's retreated as ordered . The Cheshire's on their left were sent three orders to retire. None got through. With a few Norfolk's they stayed and fought on and even put in a counter attack. In time, sections of the Bn retired (Lt Col Boger wounded) towards the Audregnies Rd . About 6pm, the record shows, that
they were almost surrounded by 9 BATTALIONS of the enemy. Boger's ONLY order of the day was "to hold on at all costs" . Between 6.30 and 7pm, with "ammunition exhausted, the Cheshire's were overwhelmed and the survivors surrendered." A small number got away.
Towards midnight the battle of Mons came to an end. The retreat began on the 25th.....At the 1st roll call post the battle, the Bn strength was put at 206, (Not all had been in the fight) out of a total of 891 men said to have taken the field. Note-­ Lt Col Boger. As the situation became more difficult he sent runners for new orders but none came back. It is said the determined stand of the Cheshire's (&Norfolk's) in the holding of the flank position, enabled the 5th Div to get clear and make an unhindered retreat to the east of the 2 battalions.

William Latham served B Co'y. Entered France 16/8/14. POW. He was held in Soltau Camp and died in captivity 2 days before the end of the war on 9/11/18.

With copied research , including a copy of a RED CROSS list showing Latham POW at the battle of Mons .
An early Mons,( uncommon in the market)-- POW & Casualty (died later).

Condition: Near E.F.
NB: The Victory Medal is erased.

Code: 14206Price: 238.00 GBP

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Egypt Medal 2 clasps, Pte. W. Poole, R.M.L.I., entitled to an E. & W. Africa Medal.



Egypt Medal 1882-1889, 2 clasps, ‘Suakin 1885’, ‘Tofrek’.

Named to: Pte. W. Poole, Royal Marine Light Infantry.

William Poole was born on 19 September 1862 at Hampton, Evesham, Worcester and was a Labourer when he enlisted on the 17 August 1883.
He was discharged on 29 October 1902.

He is also entitled to a Khedives Star and an East and West Africa Medal for ‘Gambia 1894’.

Sold with copied “Service” papers and the medal rolls.

Condition: V.F. Slight pitting from the Star.

Code: 14155Price: 595.00 GBP

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Memorial Plaque, Pte. Sidney T. Drewry, 1 Grenadier Guards., Died of Wounds 11 Feb 1917.



Memorial Plaque

Named to: Sidney Timothy Drewry.

The recipient was the son of George Drewry of 1 South View, Guildford Road, Ash, Surrey. He was aged 28 years and serving as 222645 Private in the 1st Btn., of the Grenadier Guards when he Died of Wounds on 11 February 1917. He is buried in the “St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen”.

Condition: Near E.F.

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1914-15 Star Trio, Bdr. C. Hetherington, 8th Calcutta Field Battery.


Group of 3:

1914-15 Star
Named to: No 27 Gnr. C. Hetherington, 8 / Cal. Fd. Bty.

British War Medal
Named to: 27 Bdr. C. Hetherington, Cal. Vol. Bty.

Victory Medal
Named to: 27 Bdr. C. Hetherington, 8 Cal. Field Bty.

The 8th Calcutta Field Battery served in East Africa as Light Artillery.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 14060Price: 270.00 GBP

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Khedive’s Star 1884, Pte. J. Kenny, 1 York & Lancs Regt., Wounded in Action at “Tamaai” 13 March 1884.



Khedive’s Star (dated 1884)

Impressed on reverse: 1818 Pte. John Kenny, 1st Y. & L. R.

Sold with copies of the following:-

The medal roll for the Egypt Medal and Khedive’s Star.

The recipients “Attestation” papers, which show:
Born in the Parish of St. Marks, Dublin
Enlistment at Dublin on 30 August 1869
Wounded in Action at “Tamaai” 13 March 1884
Discharged on 17 October 1890.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 13811Price: 200.00 GBP

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Egypt Medal 1 clasp, ‘Alexandria 11TH July’, to Shipwright, H.M.S. 'Temeraire'. A Maltese recipient.



Egypt Medal, 1882-1889, 1 clasp, ‘Alexandria 11th July’

Named to: A. Seaegg, Shipwright H.M.S. “Temeraire”.

Sold with a copy of the recipient’s Service Papers.

Agostin Seaegg was born in Malta on 20 August 1850.

He enlisted in the Royal Navy on 21 April 1875 – Rated as Shipwright.

He served in H.M.S. “Temeraire” in Egypt in 1882 & also in the later Soudan campaign in H.M.S. “Falcon”.

He was also awarded the L.S. & G.C. Medal on 24 July 1890 during service in H.M.S. “Crocodile”.

He retired on pension 16 May 1895.

Condition: V.F. Small ‘Star’ edge knocks, these do not obscure naming.

Code: 13794Price: 250.00 GBP

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Efficiency Medal GVI, Pte. C. Onslow, Royal Military Police.


Efficiency Medal George VI bar “Territorial

Named to: 170223 Private C. Onslow, Royal Military Police.

Charles Onslow was born in Kidderminster on 30 July 1906.
He attested for the Royal Artillery in 1926 aged 20 & later transferred to the Royal Military Police & was still serving with them when he was awarded his Efficiency Medal. His exact WW2 service & additional medal entitlement is not known. He died in Birmingham in the December quarter of 1972.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 13775Price: 48.00 GBP

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R.N. Long Service Medal Geo. V, V. Barbara, Off. Std & Off. Cook. A Maltese Recipient.



Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal GV

Named to: L.10699 V. Barbara, Officer’s Cook 2, H.M.S. ‘Boadicea’.

Vincenzo Barbara was born in Valletta, Malta on 29 April1898, his occupation is given as “Bandmaster” when he enlisted on 3 August 1917.

His records show that he served for 174 days in the Army prior to enlisting in the Royal Navy, & this was allowed to count towards his pension.

In the R.N. he served as an Officer’s Steward & Officer’s Cook and was still serving after 1929.

Sold with copies of his Navy Service Record.

Condition: V.F. edge knocks, these do not obscure naming.

Code: 13764Price: 130.00 GBP

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