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WW2 South African group of 4, S. Molofane.


Group of 4:

1939-45 Star
Africa Star with clasp, ‘8th Army’
1939-45 War Medal
South Africa Service Medal

Named to: N.21520 S. Molofane.

Condition Good V.F.

Code: 14416Price: 55.00 GBP

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WW2, M.I.D. Certificate, Named to, Sgt. T. W. Mould, R.A.F. 2 June 1943.



WW2 Mentioned in Despatches Certificate

Named to: Sgt. T. W. Mould, Royal Air Force

Dated 2 June 1943.

Trevor William Mould from Freckleton, Lancashire, was later awarded a British Empire Medal for service in Malaya and was also commissioned.

Sold with copies of the London Gazette entry for the M.I.D., newspaper cuttings and official letters.

Condition E.F.

Code: 14279Price: 95.00 GBP

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WW2 group of 4, L/Cpl. Denis Dunn, 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers, ‘Killed in Action’, Italy, 23 October 1944.


Group of 4:

1939-45 Star
Africa Star, clasp, ‘1st ARMY’
Italy Star
1939-45 War Medal

All the medals have been named to: 3461639 L/Cpl. D. Dunn, Lanc. Fus.

Lance Corporal Denis Dunn was serving with the 2nd Btn., Lancashire Fusiliers when he was ‘Killed in Action’ on 23 October 1944 aged 29. He is buried in the “Faenza Cemetery”, Italy.

Sold with the named conveyance slip and named box of issue to Mr. T. Dunn, the box has had the street name obliterated.

A copied newspaper cutting shows the following:

Mr. T. Dunn lived at 15 Greenhough Row, Wigan. Denis attended St. Patrick; R.C. School and was later employed at a Royal Ordnance Factory.

Further information states the recipient was a member of “D” Company and was killed during the attack on Mounte Spasuro,

Condition Near E.F.

Code: 14272Price: 280.00 GBP

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Territorial Efficiency Medal & WW2 medals, W.O.2 A. E. Wallington, Royal Artillery.


Group of 6:

1939-45 Star
Africa Star with bar ‘1st Army’
Italy Star
Defence Medal
1939-45 War Medal
Territorial Efficiency Medal, GVI, clasp, ‘Territorial’

Named to: 1458120 W.O. Cl.2 A. E. Wallington, Royal Artillery

Sold with his King’s Badge
Lapel Badge for ‘North Africa Veteran’s’
Conveyance slip for the WW2 medals
and 3 pictures of the recipient in his tropical dress.

Condition Near: E.F.

Code: 14225Price: 110.00 GBP

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Original WW2 M.I.D. oak leaf


Original World War 2 Mentioned in Despatches oak leaf.

Postage £2.00 Recorded Delivery, £2.50, £1.50 ordinary mail.

Condition: E.F.

Code: 13175Price: 5.00 GBP

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WW2 Eff. Medal group of 6, Sgt. L. G. White, R.A.


Group of 6, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 War Medal, Efficiency Medal 1930, George VI “Ind. Imp.” bar “Territorial”, only the last medal is named to 1456248 Sergeant. L. G. White, Royal Artillery.

Condition: V.F. to Good V.F.

Code: 11697Price: 100.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Rosette.

Original World War 2 Rosette for ribbon bars.

Postage £2.00 Recorded Delivery, £1.00 Ordinary Mail.

Condition: E.F.

Code: 11337Price: 1.50 GBP

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