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I.G.S. “Waziristan 1919-21”, Pte. Leslie Polhill, 6th Coy. M.G.C.



India General Service Medal, 1 clasp, ‘Waziristan 1919-21’

Named to: 7809676 Private L. Polhill, Machine Gun Corps.

Leslie Polhill’s Medal Index Card shows entitlement to a British War & Victory Medal pair for service with the M.G.C.

The I.G.S. Medal is confirmed on the roll for service with the 6th Coy., M.G.C.

Copies of the M.I.C. and medal roll are with the medal.

Condition: Overall condition is Good V.F., but there is a bad edge knock at 4 o’clock (This does not obscure any lettering.)

Code: 14440Price: 88.00 GBP

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G.S.M. for ‘Malaya’, GVI, to Sigmn. P. H. Priest, R. Signals.



General Service Medal, 1918-1962, GVI, 1 clasp, ‘Malaya’

Named to: 22344272 Signalman P. H. Priest, Royal Signals.

Complete with named box of issue.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 14439Price: 60.00 GBP

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Kimberley Star “a” Hall Mark.



Mayor of Kimberley’s Star, “a” Hall Mark

Unnamed as issued.

NB: The top suspension bar is missing.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 14407Price: 350.00 GBP

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India General Service Medal 1854, 1 clasp, ‘Hazara 1891’, to Pte. C. Roberts, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.



India General Service Medal, 1854-1895, 1 clasp, ‘Hazara 1891’

Named to: 2094 Private C. Roberts, Royal Welsh Fusiliers,

Charles Roberts was born at Gyffin, Conwy, Caernarfonshire in 1868 & Baptised on 26 February 1869.
He enlisted to serve with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Wrexham on 24 Jan 1888 & served in India where he gained the IGS Medal.
He was transferred to the Army reserve 7 Jan 1896 & was recalled to serve again with the regiment in South Africa 9 Oct 1899. He is also entitled to a Queen’s South Africa Medal with clasps, ‘Cape Colony’, ‘Transvaal’, ‘Tugela Heights’ & ‘Relief of Ladysmith’.

With copy papers & medal rolls.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 14406Price: 295.00 GBP

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Anglo-Boere Medal, Burger A. C. Bezuidenhout.



Anglo-Boere Oorlog (War) Medal

Named to: Burger A. C. Bezuidenhout.

Condition: V.F.

Code: 14405Price: 240.00 GBP

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Egypt Medal 1882 3 clasps, Pte. H. Sharman, Gordon Highs.



Egypt Medal, 1882-1889 (dated 1882), 3 clasps, ‘Tel-el-Kebir’, ‘El-Teb-Tamaai’, ‘Suakin 1884’

Named to: 293 Private H. Sharman, Gordon Highlanders.

NB: This medal is impressed in a later issue style often seen.

With copied information that confirms the clasps.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 14397Price: 335.00 GBP

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Khedives Star Dated 1884-86, reverse engraved to Berkshire Regiment.



Khedives Star, dated, ‘1884 – 86’

Engraved on the reverse: “Berks” and “1009”.

These details attribute the medal to:
1009 Pte. Alfred Butler, 1st Berkshire Regiment

Alfred Butler was born at East Ilsley, Newbury, Berkshire in 1860.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 14327Price: 95.00 GBP

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C.S.M. “Northern Ireland”, S. Lt. V. J. G. Thompson, R.N.



Campaign Service Medal ,1962-2003, 1 clasp, ‘Northern Ireland’

Named to: Sub Lieutenant V. J. G. Thompson, Royal Navy.

Sold with a copied page from a “Navy List” and 2 extracts from the London Gazette.

Vernon John George Thompson:

1966 - Royal Naval Engineering College, Manadon, Plymouth.
1969 - H.M.S. “Arethusa”..
1971 - H.M.S. “Caledonia”....
1973 - H.M.S. “Maidstone”..
1975 - H.M.S. “Ganges”....
1976 - H.M.S. “Reclaim”..
1978 - H.M.S. “Bulwark”.
1979 - H.M.S. “Fearless”.
1980 - H.M.S. “Warrior”.
1981 - Commander on Chief’s Fleet, Norwood.
1983 - Director of Engineering, Support.
1984 – Director of Engineering Support, Portsmouth.
1985 – Retired.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 14293Price: 245.00 GBP

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Africa General Service Medal, “Kenya”, Pte. W. Watson, K.O.Y.L.I.



Africa General Service Medal, 1 clasp, ‘Kenya’

Named to: 23039441 Private W. Watson, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

Condition: Near E.F.

Code: 14288Price: 128.00 GBP

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I.G.S. 1908, 1 clasp, “N.W.F. 1930-31”, Dvr. S. Johnson, Royal Artillery.



India General Service Medal, 1908-35, 1 clasp, ‘North West Frontier 1930-31’

Named to: 1060479 Driver S. Johnson, Royal Artillery.

Condition: Good V.F.

Code: 14243Price: 85.00 GBP

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